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Wayman Tisdale Fine Arts Academy
Updated July 2023

As staff at Tisdale, our goal is to ensure the safety and art integration educational excellence for all. With that goal in mind, we will do our best to limit out of class time due to uniform infractions. However, if multiple infractions occur, parents will be notified and expected to bring appropriate school uniform attire.

Appropriate top styles

  • Solid color red, navy blue, white polos
  • Logos must be 2x2 or smaller unless they are a Tisdale logo
  • Long sleeved solid color red, navy blue, white, black, or grey tees may be worn up under polos
  • Solid red, navy blue, white, black, or gray cardigans, fleeces, or hoodies may be worn over polos (logo rule applies)

Appropriate bottom styles

  • Khaki, navy, or black
  • Pants
  • Shorts must be below fingertip length when arms are straight
  • Skorts or skirts (with shorts under) must be below fingertip length when arms are straight
  • Solid, uniform colored tights may be worn under skorts/shorts

Appropriate footwear and accessories 

  • Closed toe and heal shoes such as tennis shoes and loafers must be worn daily
  • Tights/leggings when worn must be navy blue, red, white, black, or grey
  • Hair accessories when worn must be school colors
  • Headscarves, hats, bandanas, etc., are not permitted at Tisdale, nor are unusual colored hair or hairstyles (pink, green, purple hair, etc.) that would pose a distraction to the learning environment
  • Make-up is not allowed except for 5th graders who may wear clear lip gloss only

Spirit Wear Fridays

  • Wayman Tisdale spirit shirt and jeans
  • Blue jeans only
  • Distressed jeans are highly discouraged; however, if worn must be accompanied with uniform colored tights underneath
  • If you do not have a spirit shirt, jeans with a uniform polo may be worn

 Hoodies and Sweaters

  • Must be red, white, blue, black, or gray. 
  • They must not have a logo larger than 2.5 inches. 
  • Any hoodie or sweater that is not appropriate school colors or has writing/logos larger than 2.5 inches must be stored in student’s locker/backpack.